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Help Your Campers
Build Deeper Connections This Season

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How it works

How To Play

1) Sit or stand as a group

2) Place cards on a table in 3 piles

     Level 1

     Level 2

     Level 3

3) Counselor chooses 5 cards from Level 1

Reads one question out loud 

Counselors and campers answer the question    Repeat for the remaining 4 cards 

4) Repeat the process for Level 2 and 3


For Ages 14yrs +

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For Ages 10-13yrs

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Why I Created Cabin Huddle

I have served as the Owner and Business Director of Elite Camps since founding the company in 1999. Elite Camps is one of the largest basketball camps of its kind in Canada, serving over 6,000 athletes annually. In 2016, Elite Camps built a 12,500 sq ft basketball facility in Toronto, and in 2019, constructed the Elite Outdoor Leadership Centre in the South Bruce Peninsula, home of Hoop Dreams Overnight Camp.


With a degree in Physical & Health Education from the University of Toronto, more than two decades of camp industry experience, and a profound appreciation the challenges that arise when trying to a positive cabin culture, I have created CABIN HUDDLE to help counselors and campers connect.

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